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Whether your project requires linear loops or interactive music, we offer custom compositions for just about any game genre.  Adaptive or sequenced, we will ensure that your game has the emotion it needs throughout every menu, every cut scene and every aspect of gameplay.  We can also mix your music in a variety of stereo and  surround formats.


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iKonyk Sound Inc.

iKonyk Sound Inc.

Based in Winnipeg, MB, Canada, iKonyk Sound was incorporated in 2023 by Lara Konyk and John Turner with the goal of engaging their 25-year musical partnership to provide high-quality, custom-tailored music and sound effects for video game developers.


iKonyk Sound is a state-of-the-art production facility, comprised of two fully networked studios, specifically tooled for music and sound design production.

Lara Konyk, Composer


Lara Konyk is a classically trained musician with a diverse musical background that includes blues, pop, rock and heavy metal.  A songwriter for more than a few decades, she plays piano, viola, guitar, bass - anything with strings on it, really.  She is experienced with composing, arranging and producing music in a variety of genres.

Trained in modern production techniques, Lara utilizes Nuendo in conjunction with a huge arsenal of virtual instruments and effects plugins.  She also juggles wearing the administration, networking, and marketing hats.

John Turner, Sound Designer


John Turner has always had a passion for blending creativity with technology.  He plays guitar and keyboards, has worked as an audio engineer, producer and sound designer, and has recorded everything from punk bands to a symphony orchestra.  After operating two recording studios for a decade, and spending a few years in television, he made the leap into video game development.  His past careers as a graphic designer, web developer and IT manager didn’t hurt, either.


Experienced with creating linear and interactive audio and implementing in Unity and Unreal Engine, John is an expert with Nuendo, Wwise and Fmod middleware, and C# and C++ coding.

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