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Music Composition

Whether your project requires linear loops or interactive music, we offer custom compositions for just about any game genre.  Adaptive or sequenced, we will ensure that your game has the emotion it needs throughout every menu, every cut scene and every aspect of gameplay.  We can also mix your music in a variety of stereo and  surround formats.

Sound Design

We will craft high quality sounds specifically for your project.  We can synthesize, stage and record original sources in mono, stereo or 3D, as well as manipulate, mangle and process any audio your game needs.  Whether we are producing subtle ambient environments, weapons, characters, menu and UI sounds, special effects or even realistic spatialization for virtual reality, we will supply your game with uncompromising audio immersion.


We can integrate your music and sound effects into your game through Wwise or fmod middleware.  We can also work directly with your Unity, Unreal Engine, and many other game engine sound systems.  We have extensive experience working with C#, C++ and Blueprints.

Unreal Engine


We offer a complete solution of dialogue recording from a roster of talented voice actors.  We can direct our sessions from around the world in real-time, handle all post-production and integrate everything into your game.


If you are confused about which audio system to use with your game engine, or need help in making your audio to be as performant and efficient as possible, we can work with you throughout the entire development cycle to ensure that you are taking all the right steps.

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